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Choose Your Rig


Best for those who want a taste of sim racing

Monitor: Triple 32’’ Curved Monitors or single 48” Curved Monitor

Wheel: Moza R9 Wheelbase

Pedals: 6 Sigma Custom Pedals

Chassis: 6s-160 Sim Racing Chassis

Accessories: N/A


For the driver that wants to experience added realism from the help of basic motion technology

Monitor: Triple 32’’ Curved Monitors

Wheel: Moza R9 Wheelbase

Pedals: 6 Sigma Custom Pedals

Chassis: 6s- 4DOF Motion Sim Racing Chassis

Accessories: N/A


Top-of-the-line motion simulation technology for the highest level of driving realism, delivering 3 times more motion range than the intermediate level

Monitor: Triple 32’’ Monitors

Wheel: Moza R21 Wheelbase

Pedals: 6 Sigma Custom Pedals

Chassis: 6s-6DOF Full Motion Sim Racing Chassis

Accessories: Moza HGP Shifter, Moza HBP Handbrake

  • 100+ Laser-scanned Tracks

    Race world-class tracks where every bump, barrier, and curb is replicated to the millimeter.

  • 100+ Racecars Replicated

    Real-life data, teams, organizations, and drivers help replicate every racecar.

Customer Radio


“Love this place, Stef is the best. Super friendly and doesn’t just make sure you have fun and ending your time but he also ensures you improve lap times. Suffice to say you leave a better driver and a satisfied customer. Will be returning soon!”

Customer Radio


“Needless to say, I had an excellent experience at the SimHUB and would highly recommend anyone to go there to chill, check out their awesome motion sim rigs, see cool cars, join their training classes, purchase sim gear and experience this one of a kind place!”

Customer Radio


“Great place if you're a car enthusiast looking to get the closest experience to being in a real racecar. Experience is great for both new and experienced sim racers. Customer service is fantastic with tons of knowledge about sim racing and real-life racing. Must-go if you're into cars!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there size restrictions for using the simulators?

Yes. Unfortunately, there is only so much we can adjust the seating position of the simulator to accommodate the racer. Generally, you must be between the heights of 5’-0” and 6’-8” with no larger than a 40” waist. However upon special request we do our best to accommodate everybody.

Is there an age requirement?

There is no age requirement! Just make sure you can reach the pedals! Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to accept and sign on your behalf before using the simulators.

Do I need any experience to race on the sims?

Not at all! We can accommodate any level of racer from complete beginner to seasoned professional. Beginners will receive training on how to operate the simulators properly and safely before use to make the most of your seat time.

Can I share the simulator with a friend?

Absolutely! But for the safety of the racer and others around we ask that you have a maximum of 3 people at a simulator station at a time. Other friends can sit in our lounge area while waiting for their turn and play on our Nintendo switch.

Can I race my friends between multiple simulators?

Yes. Being a licensed partner with IRacing we can host private lobbies where we can add our simulators to a single event giving you the ability to race anyone in the room. To add to the fun, you can also talk to each other through microphones attached to your headsets! Let the smack talking begin.

What should I bring with me?

Clean shoes are a must. No open toe or sandal like shoes are permitted for your safety. Designated racing simulator foot ware is recommended to ensure our equipment is protected from dirt and debris. If you prefer to drive with socks that is allowed as well.

What safety measures are in place?

Customer safety is our top priority. All our equipment is inspected daily to ensure perfect working order. Each simulator station is cleaned and sanitized after every booking to help protect our guests. There will be instructions and information provided to every racer before starting to ensure the equipment is used properly and safely.